Mozilla Firefox web browser has became favorite and default web browser for many systems. However, many websites still work best in Internet Explorer (IE, be it IE6, IE7 or IE8). One such service that works best in Windows Live Hotmail, previously known as MSN Hotmail or just Hotmail. When click on “Open your e-email inbox” button in Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger) 2009 or notification pop-up alert on system tray when receiving email in Hotmail inbox, system will open and load Hotmail webmail interface using default web browser, which may not be IE.

When Windows Live Messenger triggers and loads Hotmail in non-IE browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or Opera, Hotmail won’t be automatically logged on with the same user account ID that been used to logged into Messenger, as Windows Live Sign-in Helper is only available for Internet Explorer. The add-on provides direct secure route to log into Windows Live ID. As a result, for security reason, user needs to enter user password credentials again to access Hotmail, despite Messenger account is using the same user ID and password.

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